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Spidey Trailer Over-Analysis

Jack Ciolli of the comic book Atlas and Nick Ciolli of the Loyola Phoenix go overly in depth on the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer!


0:15 – Spidey holds a car over his head, gotta love showcasing just how strong the guy is. Not to mention just how incredibly awesome that maneuver is. That fluid way of movement is one of Spidey’s signatures. Same thing applies to when he dodges the bullets from pre-suit Rhino at (0:44).
0:18 – Robo-Rhino looks awesome.  Red star on one of the shoulders, makes me think they kept him Russian, which is good.  I didn’t notice that, but that is a nice touch. How confident are we in Paul Giamatti’s ability to do a Russian accent?  I’m not too worried about it. He’s definitely earned some benefit of the doubt.

I’m glad the suit stands upright, after the image from the poster of him running on all fours, I was a little concerned. I wonder why they put that on the poster in the first place?  I think its an alternate mode the suit can go into for higher speeds or something. Oh, for sure. But why put that on the poster when it would obviously cause people like us to freak out haha.  I guess to showcase their unique take on it?  Definitely a risky move, though.
0:19 – The Green Goblin suit looks like an unfinished prototype, but even then it still feels sort of generic to me.  I would’ve liked to see something wholly different from the Willem Defoe version we got in Sam Raimi’s Spider-man.  But that’s still a fairly minor complaint.  It isn’t an exact copy from Raimi, if anything it’s a lot closer to the comics than Raimi’s was. It’s just a guy on a glider, not some weird metal suit-thing like in Spider-Man. He looks pretty dumb, though.  Dude, it’s definitely a weird metal suit thing.  Well...not all the way. At least there isn’t some weird mask thing.   The mask was weird but at least it was an attempt to nod at the original design while doing their own thing.  This just looks really lame to me, the weird Doc Brown hair, the unfinished suit.  I’m not into it. God that hair, man.  It’s rough.
0:27 – Big eyes!  They look so great.

0:42 – Spidey dodging bullets.  Part of what I loved about the first Amazing Spider-man and something Sony’s done a great job with throughout all four Spider-man movies is nailing how Spidey moves and fights.  It just looks right. Exactly. Like I said about the first note, the way he moves is so perfect in all the Spidey movies. One of the most successfully captured character aspects in any superhero movie, if you ask me.
0:50 – Harry’s hair slicked straight down.  Peter’s sticks straight up.  Total opposites, these guys. How did they ever even become friends? They have nothing in common.
We have to talk about this bit. Oscorp is following Peter and Aunt May, but when did it start? Does it have to do with Richard Parker’s research, or does Oscorp know that Peter is Spidey?  My guess is that it may have started as a way to see how much they knew about what Richard was working on, since he clearly has his secret subway lab away from Oscorp.  But in the process of seeing what he knows on that front, Oscorp finds out he’s also Spider-man, hence the line from Harry and Norman about what to do with Peter. Makes sense, I’m down for that. I hope the subway lab survives, it’d be nice for Spidey to have a lil basecamp in the city.  Definitely.
1:06 – Secret Parker subway lab.  Awesome in its total silliness. Definitely over the top silly, but in a great way. I’m excited to see what’s down there. Richard had to be hiding something down there.  Venom?  Could be Venom (I’d love it to be Venom), but it could also just be collected data he has against Oscorp.  All their files that he could get away with, that sort of thing.  
1:14 – VULTURE WINGS AND OCK TENTACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:20 – SIX SINISTER VAULTS!!! See, I’m not so sure about this. Vulture’s wings and Ock’s tentacles are clearly somewhere else. What could be in these vaults?  That’s a good point that I didn’t immediately think about, but they show the vaults right after the references to Vulture and Ock.  They clearly want fans to make the connection between Spidey’s villains and the number 6, so the vaults have to be related to them somehow. Yeah, I guess I phrased that poorly. They definitely involve the Sinister Six, but what could be in them other than the wings and arms?  It’s definitely a good question.  The only thing I could see is if the versions the guy walks past are prototypes or something and the vaults contain final, fully-fledged suits.  Or the reverse, the vaults are all failed prototypes, which the movie can use to establish other characters as in-progress tech or something.  Like every time they make a build of one of these suckers and it fails, they toss it in the vault.  So one vault is full of attempts at octopus arms.  Another with wing-suits.  Then maybe another has some scorpion attempts in there, which is just a nod to Oscorp eventually making Scorpion.   I can get behind that. Plus it’d kinda be a funny visual of like a vault filled with octopus arms.  Either way, I am curious about the distinction, I didn’t really notice the first several times I watched it, I just saw the Vulture wings and the Ock arms and then six numbered doors and got real excited haha.
1:32 – Well Harry isn’t wasting anytime going evil on us… Tell me about it. How are they gonna turn him, do you think? Or will he just be evil coming into the movie?  That’s hard to say, because we don’t know what this movie’s backstory for him yet.  Yeah, he’s probably evil from the start, I can’t think of how they could turn him unless its because of the Goblin serum or something, which he takes maybe as a test run before his dad does, since they’d have similar DNA or something.  Who knows. Yeah, that’s a plot point that I’m pretty worried about.
1:38 – The slow-mo Spidey move with the man-hole cover gets me excited every time I see it.  It’s also worth noting how freaking colorful parts of this movie are, which is nice.  The first one and other unrelated movies (like Man of Steel) have sort of shrugged off the bright, pop colors of the comics in favor of more washed out, bleak palettes, so its nice to see some of the saturation turned up in this one. Never thought about that, but its definitely true. Even the night scenes in this trailer are mostly in Time’s Square, so it’s all very bright. One of the best things is his costume. You mentioned the eyes earlier, and they’re definitely great, but just the fact that the blue and red are so vibrant is great.

1:45 – Electro flicking his finger to shoot some electricity.  That’s cool.  Also, I think he looks pretty awesome in this thing.  He looks so disinterested in a lot of the shots that is a little strange to me, but the action parts we get from him are sweet.

1:50 – Goblin looks super dumb, but dammit if this move isn’t cool as all hell. Spidey and Goblin go really well in movies because of the way that he can pull off these kinda awesome moves.
2:03 – Gwen in a room full of gears, followed by Spidey making what looks like an attempt at catching something with a webline in a room full of gears…uh oh…    ”Spider-Man, you romantic fool, you’ve killed the woman you love!” If this line isn’t in there, I will be so disappointed.

2:09 – Holy shit, this sequence with Electro is ridiculously awesome.  Definitely ending the trailer on a high note. No freaking shit! This is so incredibly awesome, I’d be willing to put money down that it’ll be the coolest superhero action sequence this side of the continuous-shot in The Avengers. Where do you think this takes place? It’s hard to say.  It looks like one of those Electric Plants with all those pylon type things. What a silly place to pick a fight with Electro, Peter.  Come on. But yeah, Electro is just a guy that works really well for a fight with Spider-man, it’s kinda shocking (lol) that it’s taken four movies for them to throw him into the mix.  Dodging in cool ways is 90% of how Spidey fights, so throwing him against a guy who shoots lightning from his hands is going to give us some awesome stuff. If this is intentional, I love the choice of the bad guys. Electro is a villain that Spidey has to do an insane amount of dodging to fight but in terms of just physical strength, it still takes just a few punches to knock him out. Rhino, though, isn’t someone who Spidey can take out in a punch because he’s so tough (and in this movie, in a mech suit). Yeah, I’m curious to see how Goblin fits into things.  Obviously Spidey has a physical confrontation with each of these guys, so nobody’s being set up in the shadows for the next round, they’re all in the mix right here from the get-go.  Which is cool.  I’m just hoping they can keep it all tight and avoid repeating the last time they attempted multiple villains. I think that Amazing 2 is going to avoid the problem of Spider-Man 3 because in this movie all the bad guys are going to be related, tied together. Electro and Goblin have obvious connections to Oscorp, and Rhino gets his suit from somewhere, and I’m willing to bet its Oscorp. In Spider-Man 3...god that movie was such a fuck up. Venom just comes from space, Sandman just shows up, and New Goblin just kinda shows up too, and none of them have any connection with each other! Just awful.  Very true.  

Well, that's a wrap! I'm sure we'll be right here the next time a Spidey trailer hits the internet. In the meantime, check out Atlas!

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